High Performance-High Care


A lighthouse for excellence and creativity, supported by authentic values and international qualifications.


To empower our students to recognize and optimize their full potential through an integrated curriculum and a good learning environment that maximize their talents and expertise.


  1. Adhering to the teachings of our Islamic religion.
  2. Respect
  3. Responsibility
  4. Quality
  5. Achievment and ingenuity

Message From The Academic Director

At Al Tarbiyah Private Schools (TPS) – American (US) Diploma Program, we will strive to serve our community of learners with the utmost dedication to quality education in all areas, religious, academic, curricular and extracurricular.
Our services will extend to promote talent, reflection, and ongoing learning in a pleasant environment, where learners participate in discussions and debates, enhancing their social and emotional skills, and solidifying their devotion to Allah, our prophet PBUH, parents, and our revered Kingdom.

Our International Pathway:

  1. Combines the Arabic language, that of the Quran, with the English language, within the range of advanced American curriculum and standards in all grade levels.
  2. Introduces Inquiry-Based Learning activities.
  3. Engages teachers with a rigorous professional development program, aiming at better teaching and learning.
  4. Incorporates French as a foreign language in all grade levels.
  5. Provides a physical education program that incorporates whole-body fitness.
  6. Offers different programs, which aim at incorporating mental, social, and emotional intelligence in support of the academic process.
  7. Employs a well-equipped computer lab, library, and media center, in which learners apply the technological skills of the 21st century.
  8. Has well-equipped classrooms with smart boards for interactive learning.
  9. Provides an opportunity for exploration and entertainment through educational field trips and extracurricular activities, including speech and theater.


  • the vision 2030 parameter and expectations
  • the provision of moral education that supports building a generation of responsible and cultured citizens
  • the development of emotional intelligence and social skills
  • deepening the parents’ participation process
  • fusion of the academic, physical recreation, arts, health and wellbeing programs and pathways
  • an international perspective yet Saudi
  • the pursuit of academic excellence underpinned by an explicit and valid curriculum
  • a culture of high standards and expectations for all
  • an unwavering commitment to the “TPS International School Charter”


  • English-based Instruction periods per Week
  • Arabic-based Instruction periods per Week
  • Implement American Curriculum standards CCSS Common Core State Standards and NGSS Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Integrate an advanced Arabic Language, Islamic Studies and KSA Social Studies Instruction curriculum that is compatible with the local KSA MOE Standards and the progress of students in Arabic will be assessed using an international Arabic Second Languages (ASL) standardized test.
  • Develop and augment extra-curricular material and activities that support the TPS International Pathway so that learners will acquire 21st Century skills and soft skills which help them in their higher education, careers and life.
  • International Mindedness
  • Bilingual (Arabic and English)
  • Inquiry-Based Learning activities and learners’ own questions are incorporated into class teaching and learning programs
  • Transdisciplinary
  • Collaborative Planning including all TPS International Stakeholders (Faculty, Staff, Support Staff, Students, Parents, Business Community…)
  • Independent Thinking, Making Choices, Problem-Solving and Critical thinking
  • Develop Learners’ Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Languages (Arabic and English), multiple Emotional Intelligences, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, ICT, Visual & Performance Arts, Athletics & Healthy Life-style while instilling Islamic Values and Social Studies of KSA
  • Accredited by AIAA.
  • Recognized by the KSA MOE and to be Accredited and Authorized by Cognia (Advanced).


The intent is to deliver a fully Accredited and Authorized International curriculum. The International pathway will be based on the US curriculum’s Common Core Standards and will be offered initially at the point of entry in KG - Grade 3. In terms of this curriculum, full compliance will be undertaken with the MOE requirements for the National identity subjects; Islamic, Arabic Language and Social Studies. Curriculum expectations for the other subjects will be respectively aligned to those of the US Common Core standards. It is this holistic approach to learning as previously articulated, that will make the TPS US Diploma experience special and indeed moving forward, our graduates so appealing to KSA and US Colleges and Universities.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to a rich cultural heritage that has been strongly influenced by its unique environment. The country has undergone an extraordinary metamorphosis since the state was established in 1932. However, there is also a belief that the history, culture, values and traditions of past generations are the foundations on which the modern state is now built.

Therefore, to be founded in its DNA, the TPS US Diploma’s point of difference will be that the school celebrates and promotes the Kingdom’s National Values, Culture and Heritage through a carefully formulated and collaboratively driven education plan that is underpinned by a robust and contextualized School Charter. The US Diploma curriculum will be designed to celebrate this fundamental difference and immerse our ‘International TPS children’ in valid content that is characterized by its strength and integrity, which will be delivered by Teachers who have the capacity to instruct both explicitly and creatively within the TPS International classroom environment.