Our Early Years programs are a fusion of MOE KSA and International expectations for this important initial phase of a child's schooling. At TPS they are reflective of a strong Bilingual (Arabic and English) language program that underpins all of the developmental Inquiry-Based learning activities. Sitting alongside and indeed supportive of our Early Years Curriculum Framework is an internationally recognized program designed to develop our Learners' Fine and Gross Motor Skills. Planning is importantly collaborative, ensuring valid and explicit contributions from this Sections Leadership, Teachers, Parents and Support Staff.


Elementary School

It is important for our students during these key phases of their individual growth and development to feel safe, valued and respected within their classroom and extra curricular settings. Their learning experiences are provided and tailored to their ability level; and throughout their elementary journey experience support, encouragement, constructive feedback and positive affirmations from our trusted, well respected and highly skilled teachers.


Middle School

Upon leaving the primary years, Girls will experience a more independent learning environment and in addition, sense an ethos of high expectations for engagement, personal endeavour, individual behaviour and achievement. The commitment to individual short-term and long-term learning goals will be a feature of their development as is the emphasis on the establishment of a supportive network of friends.


High School

Our Secondary Program not only emphasizes the importance of delivering a high end academic pathway but importantly, combines this with holistic offerings in the extra curricula pursuits of physical recreation, the Arts and Pastoral Care. At this stage of our students development and education program, it is intended our highly qualified advisors will support our Girls through the process of engaging with the appropriate Colleges, Universities and Corporations wishing to attract them as Tertiary students or Corporate Interns, upon graduation. This is completed in a strategic, timely and purposeful manner to avoid any possible stress or discomfort to the individual and her family.