About the School

TPS Vision

A lighthouse for excellence and creativity, supported by authentic values and international qualifications.

TPS Mission

To empower our students to recognize and optimize their full potential through an integrated curriculum and a good learning environment that maximize their talents and expertise.

Our Values

  1. Adhering to the teachings of our Islamic religion.
  2. Respect
  3. Responsibility
  4. Quality
  5. Achievment and ingenuity

Manager Speech

The strategy adopted by our country, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is based on its Vision 2030 AD, a forward-looking vision for a scientifically and an economically advanced future through which it aims to leading the change, in way that contributes to preparing a generation that adheres to its Islamic faith, proud of its identity, loyal to the King, having strong sense of belonging to his or her country, enjoys learning and achieving scientifically. The school’s vision is consistent with the forward-looking vision of the Ministry of Education; through developing learners intellectually and scientifically. The school is keen on attracting and employing highly qualified educators and building partnerships with high-quality education service providers, and employing educational technology throughout school facilities to support the teaching & learning and the pedagogical processes. Our school encourages discovering it learners’ competencies, nourishing and developing them, which benefits the learner in her/his educational and career and life. By Allah's Grace, parents’ engagement in their children’s education, has impacted greatly our school's performance outcomes, as the school won the Excellence Award in the fifth session in Ministry of Education, and its learners received advanced international and local scientific awards. In order to keep the parents and guardians, inform of the school's news and its teaching and educational programs, we establish this website to be a channel of communication that benefits for our learners', appreciate your cooperation.

School History

The school went through different phases until it achieved its current accomplishment a distinct educational establishment in Riyadh. The school’s first phase was developed in 1392 in Al Murabaa District, which three phases: the kindergarten, the elementary and the middle. in 1418, The schools moved to AL Muhamadia District where the secondary phase was added to the school. In the third stage, in 1427, the school moved to the school complex in AL Nakheel District and the building opening inauguration was by Princess Hissah AL Shaalan. The fourth stage was in the year 1432, during which the educational facility expanded and resumed its operations. The new educational facility included three buildings (K-12) offering quality teaching, learning and pedagogy services, and a larger capacity in terms of students numbers accepted in the school.

The General Goals and The School’s Methods

School's procedures

  • Providing solid learning through offering the local curriculum of the KSA Ministry of Education, in addition to teaching English language and teaching science, math, social studies in English language too.
  • Continuous improvement in school resources in order to keep up with updated educational technology that is utilized in the teaching and learning and e-learning.
  • Supporting continuous communication with parents to follow-up on learners' progress and achievement and allocating time for parent-teacher meetings.
  • To develop and improve differentiated plans to supports learners with learning difficulties.
  • To empower learners to improve their life skills through appropriate curricula and activities.
  • To develop learners' creativity and innovation skills and to provide a suitable environment.
  • To promulgate the spirit of citizenship through teaching & learning materials and different extracurricular activities.
  • To integrate critical thinking skills in the school curricular and teaching methodology.
  • To select and recruit a team of highly-qualified administrators and teaching faculty and staff.

The School’s General Goals

Since their establishment, the schools strive to achieve their teaching, learning and pedagogical objectives which can be summarized in one phrase: “A firm solid education” which is as follows:

  • To empower the learners to learn, apply, and present their knowledge of scientific principles through inquiry and discovery of the world around them by using scientific techniques and encouraging creativity and innovation.
  • To empower the learners to excel the oral and written communication skills in both languages; Arabic and English.
  • To empower learners to learn the basic requirements of a safe healthy life style with high physical fitness.
  • To enable learners to use and apply computer skills on their learning.
  • To encourage scientific research and use of methods of implementing projects.
  • Our schools seek to improve the educational process from just memorizing subject knowledge and facts to debating, critical thinking, connecting facts, finding relationships between them and unleashing creativity. In addition, our schools strive to provide a safe and clean school environment that welcomes our students and make sure that the school environment conforms to safety standards.